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April Gregory

Energy Clearing & Renewal

Energy Clearing & Renewal

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Session 1: Auric Awakening

  • Objective: Initiate the clearing process by focusing on the auric field, the energy that surrounds the body. This session aims to cleanse the aura of superficial blockages and negative energy accumulations, setting a purified foundation for deeper work.
  • Activities: Guided visualization to identify and release energetic debris, followed by gentle energy sweeping techniques to cleanse the aura. The session concludes with an introduction to grounding exercises to help maintain a clear auric field.

Session 2: Karmic Clarity

  • Objective: Delve into the karmic layers that influence current life patterns, decisions, and emotional responses. This session aims to identify key karmic imprints needing resolution or release, facilitating a deeper understanding of one's life journey and challenges.
  • Activities: Exploration of significant life themes through guided meditation, identification of karmic patterns, and targeted clearing practices aimed at resolving or mitigating these karmic influences. The session includes personalized affirmations to reinforce the clearing and healing process.

Session 3: Auric & Karmic Integration

  • Objective: Merge the insights and energetic shifts from the first two sessions, focusing on integrating the cleared auric and karmic energies. This session supports the creation of a harmonized energetic state, enabling individuals to move forward with increased clarity, purpose, and personal power.
  • Activities: A combination of advanced energetic clearing techniques to seal the auric field and solidify the karmic clearings, guided exercises for aligning personal energy with newfound insights, and a closing ritual to celebrate the journey and anchor in the new state of being.
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